A city. A forest. The hero’s. You can’t go far without a quick brain and some rule-bending in a place like Sherwood Forest City. After its vast car plants shut down, the prosperous town has become a wasteland of empty homes, toxic land and families on the brink. It doesn’t help that the authorities are in the clutches of the profit-obsessed Sheriff of Nottingham, and his Henchmen


“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” – UNKNOWN



After 120 hours blood, sweat and brain freezes we have completedthe Robbin’ The Hood Whitepaper. Information about our Game and Game Dynamics can be found on our Gitbook.

We have launched Discord and our Twitter accounts.


In the Robbin’ The Hood Game you will have the opportunity to hold your NFT using our unique ‘Dice Roll’ game dynamic.

This will give you the opportunity to be a step ahead of other players.


Coming Soon.
The Robbin’ The Hood:Tower Defense Game.
More Information on our Whitepaper.

7,500 Gen 0 are to be minted. You have a 10% chance of minting a Merrymen NFT and 90% chance of minting a Henchmen NFT.

This is an additional game where Henchmen rob 10 rich houses with various amount of GROAT in each house.
In every turn, players have to choose which houses to rob (max 2 houses) and how many Henchmen to use for each house.
More Information on our Whitepaper.


Casey C

Casey C

Co Creator
AKA "Ki_wei0x" is the Co-Creater and Project Leader. Casey is the elder sibling of Dylan. Casey is based in North Auckland, New Zealand. Casey first became fascinated in blockchain cryptography and smart contracts when first reading the Ethereum whitepaper in 2015.
Laarni D

Laarni D

Marketing & Social Media Manager
AKA "Rnie" is the Marketing head and Social Media Manager for Robbin' the Hood Game. 15 years in the BPO industry here in the Philippines. Trained in Hospitality and Customer Service. Rnie is into photography and traveling. She loves to see beautiful places and meet people.
Yousef X

Yousef X

Pixel Artist
AKA “Ammo” is our Pixel Artist. Yusef would like his location to be know as “Planet X”.

Dylan C

Dylan C

Co Creator
AKA “Spacebar” is the Co-Creater and Art Director. Dylan is also based in North Auckland, New Zealand. Dylan has gained ‘Street level’ experience when travelling around the world. Dylan interests include Gardening, Farming and Web3.

Rey Dan D

Rey Dan D

Marketing Consultant
AKA "Dre" is the NFT consultant of the marketing team. Dre is based in the Philippines. Dre started trading in 2014 and inclined to the crypto world since then. Dre loves biking and cooking.

Yauheni S

Yauheni S

Blockchain Developer
AKA “Yey-yo” is our core developer. Yauheni is based in Belarus and in his spare time likes to paint scenery. Yauheni recently completed work on the NFT project.

Jovs D

Jovs D

Marketing Graphics Design
AKA "Vonn", Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager. Based in the Philippines, with a wide variety of work experience including but not limited to BPO, Electronics, Sales, and IT. Interests include Music, Biking, Photography, and Sleeping lol.

Our Investors


The Merrymen, armed with weapons are responsible for keeping the city safe.
During the siege, some of the GROAT are highjacked by the Merrymen and Merrymen don’t return the $GROAT to the kingdom they take it for themselves.
You have a 10% Chance of Minting a Merrymen. (Rare).


Henchmen breakthrough the Kingdom and steal GROAT in order to distribute to the Sheriffs fortune.

You have a 90% Chance of Minting Henchmen.